National Identity Fraud Prevention Week

This week (17th-23rd October) is National Identity Fraud Prevention Week, an initiative intended to raise awareness of identity fraud which affects both individuals and businesses in the UK. Partners in the initiative (which is now in its seventh year) include the Metropolitan Police, the National Fraud Authority, the Home Office, Royal Mail and shredder manufacturer Fellowes amongst others.

ID fraud is one of the fastest growing crimes in the UK and National Identity Fraud Prevention Week in conjunction with the website aims to educate individuals and businesses about how ID fraud occurs and what steps can be taken to prevent it. One way of helping to protect yourself or your business from identity theft is to invest in a paper shredder. The use of a paper shredder helps to shred documents into unreadable strips and is a simple way of destroying sensitive information.

For more information on National Identity Fraud Prevention Week and the steps you can take to help prevent you or your business from becoming a victim of ID theft, then simply visit the website. For a wide range of paper shredders visit our all shredders category.