What to Do if Your Shredder Won’t Start

There are a number of reasons why a shredder might not start, so let's get straight to it:

  1. Is the shredder plugged in and switched on at the mains? Yes, we know it seems like a daft question but we had to ask, right?Is your shredder plugged in?
  2. The shredder itself might need to be switched to 'on' or 'auto'.
  3. If your shredder has a head that sits on top of a bin, is the head on correctly? For safety reasons a number of shredders are disabled if the head is removed or out of position. Likewise, whatever waste bin your shredder has, make sure it is correctly in place.
  4. If your shredder has a door to access the shredded waste, is the door properly shut? Again, for safety reasons a number of shredders will be disabled if the door is open.
  5. Is the waste bin full? Some shredders will stop working until you empty the bin.
  6. Has it been used very recently? If so, the shredder may have overheated and is in its cooling down period. Check your shredder manual to see how long it needs to cool down for - or check to see if there is an overheat indicator light on the shredder.

Hopefully, this list will help you fix the problem. If not, you might want to take a look at our list of shredder manufacturer support pages here and get in touch with the relevant manufacturer of your shredder.