Paper Shredding to Help with GDPR Compliance

If you are a business that processes EU residents’ personal data, then GDPR would have been high on your list of priorities this year. With new rules being enforced on how data is stored and managed, a lot of businesses have had to reassess their policies and put additional practices in place to make sure they are GDPR compliant.

Whilst a lot of this focus has been on digital data management, businesses shouldn’t forget about their paper records.

Having the right spec of shredder to help manage your particular paper shredding requirements is therefore an important part of this strategy in order to avoid data breaches.

In line with GDPR, organisations should consider how they will store paper records, how long they need to keep the records and how they will destroy them to ensure compliance. This should be communicated throughout the business and formalised in a clear process.

To make sure you have a shredder that suits your particular business requirements, you can use our handy Shredder Finder tool. Simply answer five questions including “what security level do you need” and “how many sheets do you need to shred at a time” and we will suggest some suitable shredders from our selection.

Shredder Finder

Investing in the right shredder should help ensure that you or your employees will be able to effectively shred your paper records and help keep your business or organisation GDPR compliant.